About Us

Our Story

Hey! We’re the Dullum’s – and this is how we ended up here.

Kimball Coffeehouse was formerly known as Kimball Espresso Cafe, and was founded in 1989 by locals Ralph and Norma Dunn, who sold furniture, art, and coffee. Little did they know what they started…

The beginning

Kimball Coffeehouse all began in 1989, owned and operated by locals Ralph and Norma Dunn. They were known for selling framed art, sandwiches, and Caffé D’Arte coffee, under the name of Kimball Espresso Gallery. After several years of ownership, Ralph and Norma sold their cafe. With a few different owners in between, we reach 2007 – when Fran & Steve Dreiling purchased the coffee shop as part of their retirement plan.

Corporate Takeover

10 years later, in 2017, Fran and Steve were informed by a public notice street sign that the property owners were planning some redevelopment to the property. They said they would not renew their lease unless they could change their business format into something other than coffee. Soon, they discovered the reason they wouldn’t renew the lease was because the owners were allowing a Starbucks drive through to move in. Their only option was to either take the coffee out of Kimball’s, or be forced to relocate. After careful thought and consideration, and the landlord’s dismissal of hundreds of loyal customer petitions, Fran and Steve went on to pursue other successful business ventures.

Where we are today

This is where the Dullum family comes in. Daughters Maddy and Chloe had worked for Fran and Steve for several years, and wanted to keep the Kimball culture alive. Mike and Maddy picked up where Fran & Steve left off, full of wild ideas, and moved the Kimball name a few blocks down the street. It’s the same great place with a new menu, beer & wine, and live music and entertainment on the weekends. Kimball Coffeehouse is a second home. A comfortable place to meet with friends, read a book, enjoy a coffee and lunch, study or just relax – just like it always has been.